Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is a super late post, but I went to a Young Life camp for work crew weekend a couple of weeks ago.  And as usual it was awesome!
It seems like ever work crew weekend we have something happens and it ends up that we are extra exhausted for some reason.  Work crew weekend is when we take high school students to the camp for the weekend and they serve all weekend the campers that are there.  They literally work from sun up to sun down.  Well, we had some sickness this weekend and that kept certain people up all night long.... which is terrible, but no matter what all of these kids worked their tails off!  I mean they were exhausted.... exhausted enough that some fell asleep in mid- conversation... that was actually me... I was real exhausted I just can't keep going like these young-uns anymore haha!
It is always such a sweet thing to see high schools students give up their relaxing weekends at home to go and work hard all weekend long.  Everyone of them took the verse to become living sacrifices literally.  And to serve in the way Jesus did!
It inspires me!  To be in a place where it is so others focused.  It just reminds me of what Heaven is going to be like.  A place where Jesus is ALL OVER everyone!  You can't walk into camp and not know that it is all Jesus!  And that is going to be heaven.  You will have others that really love, like really love others!  I believe that camp is like heaven on earth and it always gets me excited to go home and seek to show others that sweet slice of what it will be like.  The love that is all around you.  To love others in a way that it gets them excited to be in the presence of that true LOVE!  I heard a speaker one time at the end of a month long assignment at camp.  That is the point when everyone is sad to leave such a filled with Christ place.  A place where fellowship and true community has been present.  The speaker spoke about how we are not called to live in those bubbles, but to experience them, love them, grow from them and then go home to spread it.  To love others in a way that they experience that wonderful person of Jesus Christ!  To show the joy that comes from encounters and moments with Christ!  To show how fellowship is one of the sweetest things on earth!  And to bring these things into our everyday lives.  This isn't something that we will only experience in camp settings or once we get to heaven but something that can be experienced day in and day out with Christ!  He is all around even out of the bubbles but will we recognize Him?
I got to see Him at camp and now get to see these sweet teenagers loving others so that their friends can experience Him as well!
I REALLY have the best job on the planet!!

"Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in, aim at earth and you will get neither!"  CS Lewis

Monday, May 2, 2011

PUPPY love

My dad's hunting dog Maggie recently had puppies!  Well obviously I made the drive to go see/take pictures of/ hold some sweet newborn puppies.  There are adorable.  They are the smallest little things ever!  I have some of the pictures of them down below.

But on the subject of puppies I read this book a couple of weeks ago that is in the dogs perspective.  It is a novel that is written about this man and his relationship with his dog.  Well it is my dad to at t (interesting thing is my dads name is T haha). I was reading this book and thinking about how much this dog loved his owner.  He would have done anything for him.  He protected him and his family, he was his companion all throughout the years, he would love and kiss all up on him even if he was left alone all day, and he had this intuition to know when his owner needed help.  I know that this book is fiction, but there is truth behind this.  My family has always been dog lovers and my dad is the ring leader of that.  And there is something about a dogs love that is unlike any other.  That dog will love you unconditionally.  When you have a relationship with a dog so much grace is given to us from the dog.  I mean lets face it, we probably all have pets or want pets but know that we don't spend enough time with our pets.  No matter what, the dog will happily greet you at the door and act like he or she has never been so excited to see someone in their life!  And when you do get to have a little play time with your dog it will literally make their life!  I don't know there is just something about a dogs love!   Its like the best ever, I guess that is why they call new exciting relationships puppy love, because its just so darn great!
I think that this sweet love can be translated to our love from Jesus.  I think we could all say that we should focus our attention on Him more throughout the day.  But when we get to spend time with Him, and make Him the priority, He is literally jumping for joy.  He loves us that much, each of us.  Each one of us he is jumping for joy with the time spent together!  He is there for our protection, to let us know when something is up and to be that constant companion.  That companion that is always there!
This is why I am going to believe that all dogs go to heaven, because they are like Jesus :)!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simple way of life!

I recently went to visit a friend who is living and working on a farm here in town.  It was awesome to say the least.  You walk on her screen porch and there are chickens walking around... you walk down the road and there are rows and rows of vegetables and fruits... then you walk a little further and you see some cows and then don't forget about the precious farm dog!  It was so fun to get to see the farm and take pictures around the farm.  I just think it would be such a cool thing to do (to live on a farm) and not to mention that you get to go to farmers markets and sell stuff.  Farmers markets happen to be one of my all time favorite things!  But just the idea of working the land and eating and living off of what you are working on the land!  Its like a step back in time.  Well I loved spending time with my friend, taking pictures of the farm AND making homemade scones!  They were the most delicious things ever!
But here are some pictures from the day, just so you get the point of how cool it is :)!!!