Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"Whatever makes us feel superior to other people, whatever tempts us to convey a sense of superiority, that is the gravity of our sinful nature, not grace"--- Phillip Yancey

I remember one time in college when me and some of my buddies in YL went down the Mississippi to do relief work for Hurricane Katrina.  The guy that was in charge of the organization made a statement that could have been border line insult, but I loved it.  He said, "I am not sure if I have ever seen a group of people that understand the grace of Christ so much!"  Now you may say, hey how crazy are y'all, but it wasn't that it was more that it was such a REAL community.  We were not scared of opening up and being vulnerable with people.  That is what so often draws people to Christ and drew me to Christ.  I would hope that I would live a life that is conveying that same openness and welcome factor!
The above quote makes me see the same thing.  We need to be a people that are continually keeping our own pride in check.  We do not need to be perfect to invite others to life with Christ or even close to perfect but more a people that understands our HUGE need for Christ.  Many of the disciples figured out this need before they followed Christ, falling on the ground because of recognizing how great He is and how fallen we are.  If we don't recognize our need for Christ, we don't need Christ.  And if we do not show others that same grace then we are not showing Christ.
I got to spend a weekend with a bunch of people that understand and strive to live out this grace.  It was with our Young Life leaders here and we went to the beach for a retreat.  We spent the weekend sharing and being real and AHHH it makes me so happy to see people and hear people being open with each other.  I loved being with these friends and the weekend was a refreshing, rest filled weekend.  Not because we lounged around but because we accepted each other with the grace of Christ.

Here are some pics from the weekend.
 They dressed up as Meg and Andrew- SOOOO FUNNY

 Love these two
 Love the light in this
 Western Warriors WOOO!!!
 WILLIAMS- with a creeper in the back
 Leaders minus- Steve and Gretchen- missed you!!!

Sweet william!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to the other, "What!  You too?  I thought I was the only one!"  CS Lewis

Some of you have heard me talk about my friend Booe.  She is a remarkable person and one of my best friends in life.  We met our freshman year and Booe, Leanne and I were inseparable after that.  We got involved in different things throughout college yet stayed closer than ever. 
If you don't know her you should totally get to know her.  She has a spirit that brightens up any situation.  She has a contagious smile and is the most caring person I know.  She always cares about other's more than herself and continually puts Christ as more and herself as less.  We have had so many great times together from agg quad nights, justin beiber dances, topsail island adventures and high school musical loves.  The list could go on....  You know those people that just inspire your heart when you are around them and always bring the joy of Christ to situations, that is Booe.  Totally!

I had the marvelous opportunity to shoot some engagement photos of Miss Haley Booe and her soon to be husband Dave Lawler.  It was my first time really shooting engagement photos but it was soooooooo much fun!  THese two are a blast to be around so not only did we get some sweet photos but we had soooo much fun.  They are truly each other's best friends which is adorable and they are not a couple that shows off their love.  So when we started asking them to have some kisses on camera they got a little camera shy but after the first couple of shots they just started hanging out together and we got to capture those moments.  It was sweet.  I thought I would share a few of the photos and I am sure you can see the fun that they are as people through these photos enjoy.

Love these two!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hurricane Party

So while spending the week at the beach with my mom, this very annoying hurricane was making its way up the coast.  Being on an island and not wanting to get stuck by flooding my mother and I ventured a little west to my Aunt and Uncles house for a hurricane party.

Not only was it a hurricane party but it was also my Uncle Jeff's birthday.  YAY!

So we made YUMMY food, ate cake, opened presents and enjoyed being safe inside a house with fun family.  It was a great time with my A. Judy, U. Jeff, cousin Carrie and my mom.  Oh yeah I can't forget the two babies of the family, Silver Belle (our maltese) and Ginger Snapp (maltipoo).  They brought fun and .... loudness always.

Here are some pics and


                  Ginger Snapp                                                      Look how beautiful!!!
         Silver Belle                                                                 I know its a salad.... BUT IT'S GOOD!