Friday, June 28, 2013

Mercies are new every morning

"But this I call to mind, 
and therefore I have hope...
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,

 His mercies never come to an end;"

 "They are new every morning..."
  GREAT is your faithfulness!" Lamentations 3:21-23

Friday, June 21, 2013

Half Marathon

So about a month ago- whoops.  My brother and I ran in a half marathon.  In January I decided that I need a work out goal.  I saw my dear from Ashley run in a race and was inspired!  So I started training.

I am not a runner.  Seriously, not at all.

But I wanted to accomplish this.

Then I got my brother to do it with me.  It was touch and go for a while there.
We had some injuries and sickness.  But the day came and we went to run a half.

It was cold.  And in Boone.  Oh the hills.  I don't like hills.  But we did it!  

There were a lot of people running.  It was cool to have the support of other people around you.  That helped me.  And I really feel like the Lord gave us the strength to finish.  Because my legs felt like jello at the end.  We decided to pray for people at every mile.  I don't know that it actually changed every mile but that helped move my mind to something else.  That was the advise my cousin Earlie gave to us.  

I also feel like it was fun to get to do that half before everything that has been going on.  As you might have read in an earlier post, TJ (my brother) and Olivia (sister-in- law) had their twin boys handsome Tyson Luke and Hunter Wells about two weeks after the race.  During the race it felt like my legs weren't going to make it at times.  There were some hills that seemed like they were literally never going to end.  But we made it!  I think that is so much like the battle TJ and Olivia and their family of four are going through right now.  There will be hills, there will be valley's but there will be and end to these battles.  There will also be great views and great mountaintops.  There will be the top of the mountain that feels so good!   The Lord will help Tyson and Hunter.  The Lord will give them strength to finish.  Our Lord gives us strength to go through things in life.  We grow and we change from these.  And we have a different eternal relationship with Jesus because of them.  I felt different when I finished the race.  Tj, Olivia, Tyson and Hunter will be in a different place with Jesus for eternity because of what they are going through now. They will know Jesus in a way I do not, or others do not.  I love that.  Challenges are like a half marathon.  Not forever.  Yes a challenge but it will pass!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy B!!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy B!  I don't exactly know where calling you Daddy B came from but it just kind of stuck one day- which I love because now as a Grandpa you are called Papa B- your welcome for adding the creative B part ;)!
I love that there is a day that is all about YOU! And I get to tell the world how absolutely wonderful you are!
Things you should know about Daddy B- that you may not know:
- You are literally the most giving person that I know.  I am always challenged by your heart because you want to be there and help anyone that is in need.  You have a deep care for people.
- You have a servants heart!  I have learned so much about how to live life but also how to do my job.  My job is so often about serving others around me and I have learned how to do that by watching you throughout the years!
- You have a tender sweet heart (but your a strong man;) I love the times when we are praying before meals and you share a story- because your heart is so touching!  It brings me to tears getting to hear your heart for the Lord and our family!
- You are such a leader in our family.  We follow your lead and I love how you have led our family.
- You love your wife.  I love seeing the way you look at Mama B!  I can tell your heart for her in that look!  I love the way you get excited when she comes along on hunting trips, beach trips or random adventures.  Ya'll are such a precious couple to me!
- You have such a great laugh!  And you Love to laugh!
- You also love dogs.  I think most people probably know that about you, but you just do.  All dogs names shorty right?
- You love to crack jokes- just might need some help on the punch lines at times :)  It brings great entertainment though!
- You love your family!  You are so good about visiting family members and making time for them!  You carry on the Beroth name and care for family members.  Your care for family extends beyond our immediate family!  It extends to the store and to extended family!  You are great about devoting time and energy to our family!
- You wear your tennis shoes and socks on the beach- had to say it!  Maybe you don't anymore but no worries we have pictures documenting it!
- You have LOTS of stories
- You are a deep thinker.  You ride around in your truck and mull over everything you have heard that day.  If someone mentions an idea or a thought to you, you take that thought and you stew on it for a day or two and then I get a phone call with the Daddy B solution.  Its awesome!  I always know you are listening.
- You love to read.  Every night- sitting in your chair.
- You go to bed real early
- You don't watch movies more than once- but you'll watch any movie once
- You love to wear shirts with dogs on them.  You also love camo.
- You love to hunt.  You even love to drive a bazillion miles to just hunt for a few days- even if you may not get anything- but its the experience I think you love.
- You love singing shows.  American Idol.  The Voice.  They are so good.
- You have an incredible work ethic.  You are a great business man and work hard.  I admire that so much!
- You love a good nap- I feel ya!
- You love tractors, tires and all things cars!
- You love to work out
- You have a great singing voice!  Most people probably don't know that- right Ashley Gilley :) But you really do!  I loved getting to sing together in church while I was growing up- a cherished memory! I love even now standing beside you in church as you hum during the tune and sing during the lyrics!!
- Most importantly you love Jesus a LOT!!

I love you Daddy B and I love that every year I realize more and more how similar we are!  And that makes me happy!  I am definitely your daughter and whenever anyone says that to me it is the biggest compliment they could pay me!

Happy Fathers Day- So thankful to have a Daddy like you!  #1000gifts
classic picture.  Daddy B with his little girl!

Sweet trip to Superbowl with my Daddy B!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Seniors: Nick

I love that I get to work with high school students in my job!  It is so fun to get to see them become men and women in the world!  To see them come in as little freshmen and grow throughout those four years is amazing!  This young man has been one of those.  His parents are on committee for Young Life and they have had us leaders over for COUNTLESS meals!  It is such a treat to have a home-cooked meal.  So often in my job I don't have time to cook or I have to be somewhere at 6. They have opened up their home for many many meals, clubs, campaigners, leader meetings and BODY BODY (the best game ever) I am thankful to have this family in my life Because of them opening up their home I have had the privilege of seeing Nick grow into a young man these past four years!  He has grown into a great man and I am so excited to see where the Lord takes him in these next four years at UNCW!  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tyson Luke and Hunter Wells

Last Tuesday I became an AUNT!!  I am so incredibly excited to be an aunt to TWIN BOYS!!  My brother and his wife welcomed their twin boys into the world on Tuesday at 2PM and 2:03 PM.  They were ready to get into this world because they came when she was only 26 weeks!!
That day was an emotional day but we were thrilled to get to welcome these two boys!  They are beautiful and perfect!  Tiny but will grow to be strong men of the Lord just as their names describe!  They were both born weighing 1 pound 12 ounces and were 13.5 inches long!  Olivia is doing well and she and TJ are champs!  
Tyson and Hunter will be in the NICU for a while- so I would ask for prayers for these sweet boys!  
Tyson is at Forsyth NICU and has been doing well.  He is stable and has had some ups and downs but is doing well for where he is.  Hunter was transferred to Brenners Children's Hospital because he is in need of a surgery because their is a missing link between his small and large intestine.  He is doing well now even without this link!  He has to gain more than double his weight before the surgery so PLEASE PRAY!!  
Olivia and Tj created a caringbridge site to keep everyone updated if you would like to follow it!

Hunter Wells

Tyson Luke

It has been real sweet to see the community of Christ come around TJ and Olivia!  They have had phone call after phone call of people wanting to show them love and care of Jesus!  It has been amazing to see!
It has also been the sweetest thing to see the Lord provide scripture after scripture of encouragement that HE IS GOD!  Jesus calling on the day of their birth started with:
I am a Mighty God, Nothing is too difficult for Me!  
WOW!!  I read this with my family in the waiting room as Olivia was getting ready to have the babies! Assurance.
Also, TJ and Olivia's devotionals both led them to Luke 1:80 which says, "The child continued to grow and be strong in spirit!"  

I am so thankful that we have a God that knows our hearts and provides encouragement for our souls.  Assurance that he has it under control.  We are safe with Him.  
He has Tyson and Hunter in His control- they are cared for far beyond what we could ever ask and imagine because He is their God their creator and their Father!  

"And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  You may ask me for anything in my name, and will do it!" John 14:12-14
Join with me in asking our Father for Tyson and Hunter to continue to grow healthy and strong.  For their to be no complications and for Olivia and TJ to have strength and peace from our God!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Jalyn!

Meet my friend Jalyn!  I met Jalyn four years ago when she was a freshman in high school through Young Life and I have LOVED every minute I have gotten to spend with her.  Jalyn not only has a contagious joy about her (you will see it through her sweet laugh in these pictures) but she also loves Jesus in a beautiful way.  Jalyn has decided to follow Jesus and give up all else.  For anybody that is difficult not to mention a high school student.  She has taken the verse where Paul describes being set apart for the sake of the gospel to heart and is living it out!  I am encouraged by seeing how she loves Jesus.  I just loved getting to take some photos of her and she put up with me literally taking 1000 photos of her!  I just couldn't stop she was so easy to photograph and the location was my FAVE ever!!  I am sorry for the massive amount of photos I just couldn't decide!

I just love this laugh!!