Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I love the Hokies

For the second year in a row I have gotten to take some of my high school friends to visit Virginia Tech.  It makes me so happy to get to share this wonderful place with some of my Young Life friends.  The fact that they can see the place where I developed these amazing friendships and learned how to walk with Jesus is such a gift!  Andddd not to mention they are considering going to tech so I get to talk about its amazingness all weekend long!!!
We went in the fall but it was an absolutely beautiful day and the pictures were so sweet I had to share them!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Just an adventure....

Ever have those really great days with friends where you laugh a lot, take a ton of pictures and end the day thanking Jesus for such great friends?
Well, this was one of those days!  It had been rainy and gross for most of my weekend up in DC, but we planned an outing anyway!  I mean I didn't get to see these friends that often and by golly we were going to have an adventure.  
We headed out on our adventure and began by driving through an area in search of a cute winery.  Literally just started driving, didn't know where we were going.  Those are the best adventures anyways, the ones you just happen to fall upon. 
We ended up in super cute Leesberg for some yummy food :) and went antiquing.  

Then went on our way to find a winery.  Saw a sign for one and it ended up being an old barn that they had turned into a winery!  Adorable and GORGEOUS!  Suddenly the day was beautiful!
Thank you JESUS!!

Then we left the winery and found a...
wait for it...
Who even knew those existed?  But seriously amazing!  It was an old barn and FIELDS full of flowers!  You literally walk in, grab a bucket, fill up the bucket and drop your cash into a jar before you leave!  It was amazing!  We had the best time and made for some beautiful pictures of my model friends :)!!  
 I loved this picture so much I put the color version and the black and white! ahhh just so fun!!

The model Leanne!

Beautiful Booe!!

They had sunflowers as big has my head!!

 I know you are still in shock by the flower farm right?  I know, I am too.  It was just so much fun!  
I want to know where there are these flower farms in NC?  

Such an amazing day with some of the sweetest friends I have ever had.  I literally met these two girls the FIRST week of college and we were inseparable after that!  The Lord has blessed me so much to know them and have them in my life!  I do not know where my life would have headed in college had I not met them!  They teach me a LOT about Jesus, how to love others and find such JOY in life!  They are beautiful inside and out!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas and NEWS

Seems like I am always behind on my personal photos.  Oh well, you know this about me now.  I do have some Christmas photos to share.

These two are awesome, number 1. Love them LOTS!

 Number 2- THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!.....not one Baby but TWO!!!

I am thrilled!  I know they are thrilled and feeling very blessed!  They are going to be the best parents ever!!  I cannot wait to have two little ones crawling around!  

 She is excited to be a Grandmother!!

I am excited to be an Aunt... to two babies!  

Please join me in praying for the two Babies and Liv!! And Liv and Teej as they prepare to be parents of TWO!!
And get ready because beginning in August this blog is going to be full of pictures of my little nieces  nephews or both!!