Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas and NEWS

Seems like I am always behind on my personal photos.  Oh well, you know this about me now.  I do have some Christmas photos to share.

These two are awesome, number 1. Love them LOTS!

 Number 2- THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!.....not one Baby but TWO!!!

I am thrilled!  I know they are thrilled and feeling very blessed!  They are going to be the best parents ever!!  I cannot wait to have two little ones crawling around!  

 She is excited to be a Grandmother!!

I am excited to be an Aunt... to two babies!  

Please join me in praying for the two Babies and Liv!! And Liv and Teej as they prepare to be parents of TWO!!
And get ready because beginning in August this blog is going to be full of pictures of my little nieces  nephews or both!!

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