Monday, October 4, 2010

Preggo Meggo

 She is not preggo anymore!!!!  My friend Meg had her baby early early on Saturday morning!  I am so excited to meet the very beautiful Karis Ann ( I have seen pictures).
So this post should have been posted a while ago, but I took Preggo pictures of Meggo.  It was so much fun, as everything is with Meg.  She is such a joy to be around and that joy is contagious to everyone she is around.  I cannot wait to see her love on her new baby Karis.  She loves high school students, leaders and just everyone around her so well that I know she is going to be such a great mother!
Congratulations Meg and Brett!!

Here are the Preggo pictures, pics of Karis to come soon!

 I loved the light on this day.... there are more fun light ones to come
 Hello my name is Meg and I love pink
 This is the book Meg has been praying for Karis with!
 My fav blue building

 MY FAVORITE!!!!!  Ahhhh beautiful Meg!
 Baby on Board!

So excited for you Meg- I CANNOT wait to meet your baby girl Karis!!!

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