Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Ferrells and The Williams

This photoshoot was two families.... oh man I was a little worried but of course the families were easy and beautiful, such a great combination for a photoshoot.

I have taken pictures of these families before.
One was a newborn session a while back... although it was only posted a month or so ago.
And the other was one of my first photo sessions EVER... crazy.

It is fun to look back at those photos and see how they have grown and grown with each other.  I took pictures of each of the families but also the little ones together.  They are all cousins and it was so fun to see the way the Lord gives us multiple families.  We are not alone with him.  We have our immediate family plus our extended families which is often even more than we ever expected!
AND just thinking how much fun these cousins are going to have with each other.  I remember growing up with my multitude of cousins and we played many games of kickball, many games of football, got in a little trouble and had a blast!  They are still some of my closest friends and I hope and pray the same for these sweet cousins!


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