Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What did I do before Pinterest?

I really have no idea what we did before Pinterest.  I mean how did I fill free time?  What did I get people for presents?  How did I decorate?

Welp, Pinterest strikes again.  When I lived in my old apartment, I always had things pinned that I wanted to do.  Once I moved I was able to make the pins become reality.
And thanks to Daddy B, it really did.  I had been looking/wanting an old spool to make this pinterest jewel happen click here.
My dad talked to some people at the shop (what a sweet Daddy B move- I had no idea he even knew I wanted a spool- he listens- way to go :)) and found a spool for free! YESSSS.. the dream about to happen.

It really was pretty easy.
I cleaned it off and painted it white.
It is a rough piece since usually these spools have been used- but it adds character- so I just painted it as much as I could and allowed the character to show through.
I cut some dowels and used wood glue to put them around the spool.
Then I added casters on the bottom.  I was worried about it not being able to be turned on carpet- but it turns as much as I need and in the future I am expecting it will not be on carpet.

Here is the finished project!

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