Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Jalyn!

Meet my friend Jalyn!  I met Jalyn four years ago when she was a freshman in high school through Young Life and I have LOVED every minute I have gotten to spend with her.  Jalyn not only has a contagious joy about her (you will see it through her sweet laugh in these pictures) but she also loves Jesus in a beautiful way.  Jalyn has decided to follow Jesus and give up all else.  For anybody that is difficult not to mention a high school student.  She has taken the verse where Paul describes being set apart for the sake of the gospel to heart and is living it out!  I am encouraged by seeing how she loves Jesus.  I just loved getting to take some photos of her and she put up with me literally taking 1000 photos of her!  I just couldn't stop she was so easy to photograph and the location was my FAVE ever!!  I am sorry for the massive amount of photos I just couldn't decide!

I just love this laugh!!

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