Monday, May 27, 2013

Seniors: Nick

I love that I get to work with high school students in my job!  It is so fun to get to see them become men and women in the world!  To see them come in as little freshmen and grow throughout those four years is amazing!  This young man has been one of those.  His parents are on committee for Young Life and they have had us leaders over for COUNTLESS meals!  It is such a treat to have a home-cooked meal.  So often in my job I don't have time to cook or I have to be somewhere at 6. They have opened up their home for many many meals, clubs, campaigners, leader meetings and BODY BODY (the best game ever) I am thankful to have this family in my life Because of them opening up their home I have had the privilege of seeing Nick grow into a young man these past four years!  He has grown into a great man and I am so excited to see where the Lord takes him in these next four years at UNCW!  

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