Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy B!!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy B!  I don't exactly know where calling you Daddy B came from but it just kind of stuck one day- which I love because now as a Grandpa you are called Papa B- your welcome for adding the creative B part ;)!
I love that there is a day that is all about YOU! And I get to tell the world how absolutely wonderful you are!
Things you should know about Daddy B- that you may not know:
- You are literally the most giving person that I know.  I am always challenged by your heart because you want to be there and help anyone that is in need.  You have a deep care for people.
- You have a servants heart!  I have learned so much about how to live life but also how to do my job.  My job is so often about serving others around me and I have learned how to do that by watching you throughout the years!
- You have a tender sweet heart (but your a strong man;) I love the times when we are praying before meals and you share a story- because your heart is so touching!  It brings me to tears getting to hear your heart for the Lord and our family!
- You are such a leader in our family.  We follow your lead and I love how you have led our family.
- You love your wife.  I love seeing the way you look at Mama B!  I can tell your heart for her in that look!  I love the way you get excited when she comes along on hunting trips, beach trips or random adventures.  Ya'll are such a precious couple to me!
- You have such a great laugh!  And you Love to laugh!
- You also love dogs.  I think most people probably know that about you, but you just do.  All dogs names shorty right?
- You love to crack jokes- just might need some help on the punch lines at times :)  It brings great entertainment though!
- You love your family!  You are so good about visiting family members and making time for them!  You carry on the Beroth name and care for family members.  Your care for family extends beyond our immediate family!  It extends to the store and to extended family!  You are great about devoting time and energy to our family!
- You wear your tennis shoes and socks on the beach- had to say it!  Maybe you don't anymore but no worries we have pictures documenting it!
- You have LOTS of stories
- You are a deep thinker.  You ride around in your truck and mull over everything you have heard that day.  If someone mentions an idea or a thought to you, you take that thought and you stew on it for a day or two and then I get a phone call with the Daddy B solution.  Its awesome!  I always know you are listening.
- You love to read.  Every night- sitting in your chair.
- You go to bed real early
- You don't watch movies more than once- but you'll watch any movie once
- You love to wear shirts with dogs on them.  You also love camo.
- You love to hunt.  You even love to drive a bazillion miles to just hunt for a few days- even if you may not get anything- but its the experience I think you love.
- You love singing shows.  American Idol.  The Voice.  They are so good.
- You have an incredible work ethic.  You are a great business man and work hard.  I admire that so much!
- You love a good nap- I feel ya!
- You love tractors, tires and all things cars!
- You love to work out
- You have a great singing voice!  Most people probably don't know that- right Ashley Gilley :) But you really do!  I loved getting to sing together in church while I was growing up- a cherished memory! I love even now standing beside you in church as you hum during the tune and sing during the lyrics!!
- Most importantly you love Jesus a LOT!!

I love you Daddy B and I love that every year I realize more and more how similar we are!  And that makes me happy!  I am definitely your daughter and whenever anyone says that to me it is the biggest compliment they could pay me!

Happy Fathers Day- So thankful to have a Daddy like you!  #1000gifts
classic picture.  Daddy B with his little girl!

Sweet trip to Superbowl with my Daddy B!

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