Friday, June 21, 2013

Half Marathon

So about a month ago- whoops.  My brother and I ran in a half marathon.  In January I decided that I need a work out goal.  I saw my dear from Ashley run in a race and was inspired!  So I started training.

I am not a runner.  Seriously, not at all.

But I wanted to accomplish this.

Then I got my brother to do it with me.  It was touch and go for a while there.
We had some injuries and sickness.  But the day came and we went to run a half.

It was cold.  And in Boone.  Oh the hills.  I don't like hills.  But we did it!  

There were a lot of people running.  It was cool to have the support of other people around you.  That helped me.  And I really feel like the Lord gave us the strength to finish.  Because my legs felt like jello at the end.  We decided to pray for people at every mile.  I don't know that it actually changed every mile but that helped move my mind to something else.  That was the advise my cousin Earlie gave to us.  

I also feel like it was fun to get to do that half before everything that has been going on.  As you might have read in an earlier post, TJ (my brother) and Olivia (sister-in- law) had their twin boys handsome Tyson Luke and Hunter Wells about two weeks after the race.  During the race it felt like my legs weren't going to make it at times.  There were some hills that seemed like they were literally never going to end.  But we made it!  I think that is so much like the battle TJ and Olivia and their family of four are going through right now.  There will be hills, there will be valley's but there will be and end to these battles.  There will also be great views and great mountaintops.  There will be the top of the mountain that feels so good!   The Lord will help Tyson and Hunter.  The Lord will give them strength to finish.  Our Lord gives us strength to go through things in life.  We grow and we change from these.  And we have a different eternal relationship with Jesus because of them.  I felt different when I finished the race.  Tj, Olivia, Tyson and Hunter will be in a different place with Jesus for eternity because of what they are going through now. They will know Jesus in a way I do not, or others do not.  I love that.  Challenges are like a half marathon.  Not forever.  Yes a challenge but it will pass!

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