Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come On Summer I'm Ready

So anybody confused by the GORGEOUS weather we have been having in NC?
I have been but loving it at the same time.  I have heard about the Northwest and other parts of the South having tons of snow and we are wearing short sleeves and shorts here, thats cra cra!

So having said this, I went to the beach this past weekend with two of my friends Ashley and Ashlen.  It was great!  They are both interns with me or excuse me staff associates :) and we all needed a weekend of relaxation and vegging out!  IT WAS GREAT!!  I love these two girls so much and I actually got a suntan while at the beach!  It was just such a great thing to really get to relax in the Lord at just the perfect time.  Everything is kicking into high gear here and it was nice to get some good time with great friends before all of that happens.  And while that happened God gave us a BEAUTIFUL day to stand in awe of His creation.  How awesome?  I know your jealous as you should be :).

 Sweet man on the beach.

 Look at that sun, beautiful!
 Some of my favorite things: Coffee, Jesus, Jesus Calling, and beach, so good!


  1. Crystie! We need to get together and have you take pictures of Marcus! I LOVE your point of view through a camera. You're so good! :)