Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama C!!!

This past weekend I went down to my Mama C's house for her 80th Birthday!  WOOOO!!!  It was great not only because the food was wonderful and the weather was perfect.  But because we got to spoil my sweet grandmother.  I grew up going to my Mama C and Big Daddy's house for every holiday.  It was always a place filled with fun, chaos, and tons of laughter.  We have a big family on that side and cooking and gearing up for that large of a family is not easy.  It would also not be easy to see the grandkids make a mess of everything, which we did.  Mama C spends so much time preparing meals and trying to make everything perfect for these holidays so that we could enjoy family and rest.  She works for months (literally) preparing the meal and desserts for these!  All the while never wanting anything in return.  Mama C is the definition of a woman with a servants heart and a Proverbs 31 woman.  It was great to get to celebrate her and her 80th birthday, to make her the center of celebration where she so often is the behind the stage person.
Not only does Mama C create a gathering for family but she pushes us and challenges us as a family spiritually.  She has always been one to ask how she can pray for you and you know she is not just asking but praying hard.  When things come up and things are hard Mama C always points us to Jesus.  She makes sure we are covering things in prayer and seeking Jesus for decisions.  She is a prayer warrior and pushes our family to do the same.
I wish you all could meet my sweet Mama C, you would fall in love with her immediately and see what I mean about her just being the cutest grandma ever!!!  Since you can't meet her I put up some pictures.  She was so surprised of the party and seemed to enjoy it.
She is a blessing is so many many ways!
Happy Birthday MAMA C!!!

Pictures from the day...

 Christina and Scott.. oh and ash jumping into the picture.

 The younguns around the cakes.. of course.  

 Her Wedding Dress!  It is beautiful and her mother made it!!!

 The yummy goodies.... SOOOO delicious!!

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