Monday, February 7, 2011


I know I have told you about my mom before, but seriously she is awesome.  Not only is she my best friend BUT I was also born on her birthday.  Which is really fun :).  We have gotten to share birthdays all throughout my life.  I bet that many of the times I stole the spotlight because I love birthdays and I was a child.... slash still am.  But my mom has been one to share and on her own birthday she has so often made it about her daughter.  I know I have written about her before but why not again.
My mom was the person that talked about Jesus Christ to me the night I accepted him into my heart.  I grew up in Christian home but I was a child that was numb to church.  I never really listened, I was a very distracted child in church.  But one night when I was upset with high school drama, I won't go into the details, my mom came in and explained the Grace of Christ to me.  I had conversations with my Young Life leaders around that time as well, and my mom put the icing on the cake.  She told me I did not have to be the stressed out, striving to be perfect, constantly let down of myself teenager that I had become.  She told me that Christ loved me as I was, the imperfect human because that was how He made me.  He is the only perfection in this world and that because of his perfection my imperfection is made beautiful.  I had always been a girl that was trying to do everything perfectly and my stress level proved it.  Jesus wanted my mother to show me and tell me of that freedom.
I love that my mom was the one to share this with me.  And I had other people share this with me at other times of my life, but that night it stuck.  
So, that is a little snipit of the relationship I have with my mother.  God used her to bring me to Him.  And as today is my mother's birthday (and mine) I wanted to share this with you.  
My mom is also kind of the goof in my family.  There would be times when she would run around the house like Elmer Fud.  Or talk in a British accent.  Or run around and fake punch you (seriously she does this a lot).  She loves to laugh, really loves to.  The night before the super-bowl we were watching the best of all super-bowl commercials and EVERY SINGLE ONE she thought was HILARIOUS.  And really most people would give a smile to the commercials, my mom was crying she was laughing so hard.  She is goofy and such a joy to be around.  I wish you could meet her!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!  Love you so much!  

We had a party and here are a few of the pics!!
 HOW sweet, Paw Paw and Gaston
 Gaston is definitley the center of attention, but how the heck could he not be, just look at him ADORABLE and he is the first great grandchild.... soon to be two :)!
 Belle LOVES Gaston



  1. Happy belated birthday, Crystie! Hey, who's prego? You said there's another great-grandbaby coming... Do I need to talk to TJ & Liv? :)

  2. AHHH ha no no no, Elizabeth is preggo! She is due in August :)!! If it was Teej and Liv I am sure you would know ;). But I would be SUPER excited if it was :) but i'll give them a little bit before that... Thanks for the birthday wish!!