Friday, July 22, 2011

Strike Out!

I miss baseball!  My family and I went to a lot of baseball games growing up.  Not only the ones that my brother played but also Braves and Orioles.  We were big Braves fans.  I was a Chipper Jones fan because I thought he was cute :)!!  When we started going to games apparently I hated it because it was hot and I wanted to go home.  But it became a sweet thing that my family and I did together.  And we went to some really great games.
I haven't been to a professional baseball game in a LONG time, but I went to DC (this spring... yeah I am a pro at late posts), which I will have several posts about and I went to a game with one of my closests friends!  Her name is Booe, yes it is really her name, it is her last name, well now maiden name.  But I still call her booe :)!!  Everytime I say it people are real confused but it is the coolest name ever!

The subway offers great photo opps...... we had fun :)

yeah she might have been a little annoyed at me constantly taking pics of her....but whatevs it was fun
Coach fighting the umpire.... so good
Best hotdog ever :)

Notice the earring is gone..... so sad :(

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