Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fun Couple

"give me something fun to do,
like a life of loving you."
brooke fraser | something in the water

Meet Kerry and Stafford.
 They are two dear friends of mine from college.  
They are about to get married... wooooo!:)  
And I don't think you know how exciting this is!
All of our friends have been talking about this wedding since our sophomore year in college.  
I mean you couldn't have a more fun couple!
And you couldn't have a more fun group of friends... let's be honest!
So it is a given that it is going to be the most fun wedding ever!!!!!
Beyond being excited about the fun part, I am incredibly excited for these two dear friends.
It is sweet to see the two of them together, they have a blast together and are real!  They love each other a lot and love Jesus more!  They share Jesus in their life and in everything they do... you should meet them.. really you'd love them.
I love being able to share this wedding journey with them and to see the beginning of a life long journey!
But here is a little slice for you to get to know them.... their bridal shower!
It was a gorgeous day with a perfect sun for pictures.... it made me smile a lot. 
(the pics are in reverse order... sorry)

 Blurry... but seriously adorable
Such a Stafford and Kerry Pic

 I took so many pictures of him....but perfect sunlight + precious little boy= lots of pics:)
Love these girls!

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