Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Savannah

Sooo...... my friend Katie from www.thekristplace.blogspot.com was getting on to me about my blogging(rightfully so)... and considering its been 8 months WHOOPS I figured I need to get back on it.  I have lots of photos from the past 8 months, but I won't overwhelm you will them all at once, I will show them slowly.  I can't wait to fill you in on all the fun adventures.
But lets start here.
Starting with some of my FAVORITE pictures!

Meet Savy
 Savannah was one of the first high school students I met when I moved to B-town.  She was a sophomore that year and is now a graduate, wow!!!  As I was looking through these photos I was thinking back to when I first met her and amazed at the beautiful young woman she has become.  She is not only a beautiful young woman but has a beautiful heart!  She is an incredibly mature young woman and loves Jesus a lot!  She just got back from serving at a YL camp on Work Crew for a month, WOOHOO!!  I knew she'd love it, but to hear her come back and talk about learning about Jesus was overwhelming and wonderful!  What high school students wants to go to camp during their summer for a month to serve literally 12 hours a day?  She does!  And she comes back changed for eternity, I love that!  I am so glad I have been able to watch her grow these past three years (very sad that she is moving off to college) but so glad that we will be lifelong friends!  I am also so excited to see what the Lord does in her heart as she steps into this new journey of college!

I took some Seniors of Savy in May (whoops) but still want to show them cause I think they are just so sweet and show off her fun, sassy personality!

Meet Savy!

This one is my favvvvvvorite!

Ok actually... this one might be my favorite!

More to pictures to come!!


  1. Stop it!!! You posted on your blog!!! Yayyyy!!!