Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Whether to the right or the left you will hear a voice behind you saying this is my way, walk in it." Isaiah 30:21
Which way is the path going.  I think that so many times we think about the decision at hand or the direction we are going, that we miss the voice.  This verse isn't talking about whether you should choose the left or the right but that the voice is guiding you and is whispering to you.  Our life many times becomes about decisions.  But THE path is THE voice.  We just need to hear the voice and listen to that, not make a decision.  We make decisions because we want a desired destination to come.  But our life isn't about the destination.  Just live and LOVE the fact that there is a voice that is guiding you along the way.  Live in His whisper and the path naturally comes.  We are meant to walk, not to get somewhere.

I was reminded of this when my mom and I were driving down the road in good ole' Pmount and we were met by this....
 My mom was nervous during this shot because I was literally in the middle of the road on my stomach.... But we were in Pmount, who's driving down the road?

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