Friday, March 18, 2011


So I was driving home one day and I had my favorite chair in my backseat.
And it was a PERFECT photo sun day.
AND it was the PERFECT time to take pictures.
AND there is a great barn outside my home.

BUT there was no one in my house to take pictures of????

It is a strange thing to be on the other side of the camera when you are used to taking pictures of others.... but I couldn't let all of those things go to waste.

 Perfect sun.. right?

There's a weird spot on my knee from when I was taking other shots in wet grass... fun fun.  Anybody know how to edit it out???


  1. Crystie...I LOVE YOU. You're awesome. Just thought you should know :D

  2. GREAT pictures!!! Teach me... :)

  3. crystal these are BEAUTIFUL. so glad you didn't let that sun go to waste :) and i know how to edit out that spot...i'll show you! love you SO much!