Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mama B

I hope that you all have a mother that you love and can spend amazing weekends with.  My mom is my best friend and such a gift in my life.  She is the one that shared the truth of Christ to me and the one I continue to run to talk about life with.  She is a follower of Christ and an inspiration towards Christ for others.

We spent the last week at the beach together.  It was amazing.  We read books.  Got too much sun.  Ate $17 salads (because everything at the beach is sooooo expensive). We watched movies.  Laughed a LOT.  Shopped, of course.  Talked and giggled about old stories.  We  had so much fun.  It was such a refreshing time for me before heading back into the school year and just the best to be with my mom.

I love you mom, thanks for loving me always, putting up with me and being your super fun self that I LOVE to be around ;)!!!

Here are some pics.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the picture of your mom laughing! It's SO good!
    And, I love that you and your mom are that close. It's definitely special :)
    Tomorrow night...YAY!