Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hurricane Party

So while spending the week at the beach with my mom, this very annoying hurricane was making its way up the coast.  Being on an island and not wanting to get stuck by flooding my mother and I ventured a little west to my Aunt and Uncles house for a hurricane party.

Not only was it a hurricane party but it was also my Uncle Jeff's birthday.  YAY!

So we made YUMMY food, ate cake, opened presents and enjoyed being safe inside a house with fun family.  It was a great time with my A. Judy, U. Jeff, cousin Carrie and my mom.  Oh yeah I can't forget the two babies of the family, Silver Belle (our maltese) and Ginger Snapp (maltipoo).  They brought fun and .... loudness always.

Here are some pics and


                  Ginger Snapp                                                      Look how beautiful!!!
         Silver Belle                                                                 I know its a salad.... BUT IT'S GOOD!

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