Monday, February 18, 2013


I am running a half marathon.  
WHATTT..... never thought I would say that.
I have never been a runner.  I have been a biker, dancer, weight lifter (paha), zumba dancer, pilates goer, p90x lover and other things.
But never a runner.
WHY am I doing this!
Well for starters its exercise, thats good.
But also I feel like so many times I have these goals at the beginning of the year and they never happen.  I wanted that to change a bit.
I have a goal to spend time with Jesus in the mornings- I am not a morning person(working on it)
I have a goal to blog more this year.
To take more pictures.
And to run a half marathon.
I added the half marathon because I thought it was a goal that I could mark progress and check off the list in hopefully 12 weeks.
So now its happening.  And I have brought others on the ride with me.
My friend Ashley, who has a great blog (here), has done a half marathon before.  So she's doing it with me.
Then I convinced my brother to do it with me.  He went on my 4 mile run with me and was totally fine (guys).  It's been fun having him train with me, because it means we talk and check in a lot more.  As you know most of my family live an hour from me- so it kind of keeps us a little more connected.  And you also know i LOVE my family- so that makes me happy.

But now here we are.  
7 weeks away.
AHHHH im nervous.
But excited!

Want to join me?

Here is a pic of me after my 5 mile run a couple of weeks ago.  I was sooooo excited because that was the longest run I had ever done at that time.  
Thats my excited face.

Also here is a link to my training..... just in case you want to do it with me (here).  I am going to do another one in September.  This one is basically just a way to get me training and doing it now.
But the September one is supposed to be super fun!!
I'll let you know how it goes!!

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