Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mama B

It's my birthday today :)!  Happy Birthday to me!!  But I think I told you before that Mama B and I share a birthday!  How fun is that! She is my best friend and we get to share the same birthday.  I mean it usually means one of us have to forfeit realllyyyy celebrating our birthday and all throughout my life it was usually her.  But now we get to be a little more even as I am older :)!!

I thought I would take today to tell  you a few reasons why I love Mama B (my mom :)!)

I love her because I know Jesus because of her
I love her because she shows me Jesus ALL the time
I love her because she has loved our family better than I could ever ask or imagine!
I love that she ran around the house like "elmer fud" when my Dad bought her a bb gun :)
I love her because she laughs loud and a lot
I love her because she often acts like a five year old child- in the funniest, best way possible.
I love that she is a phenomenally talented painter
I love that she taught me about art, crafts, sewing and finding beauty in things around you.  Which created my love for photography.
I love her because she wakes up at 5:30 every Wednesday morning to help serve breakfast for Young Life.
I love that she comes on photo shoots to make people laugh
I love that she is the funny one
I love her because she supports me in this ministry.
I love her because she puts up with a LOT of crap from me
I love her because she didn't call me crazy when I said I wanted to go on YL staff
I love that calls me a lot
I love her because she taught me my love for magazines :)
I love that she watches LOTS of movies with me
I love her because we are both late night people
I love her red hair
I love her fashion
The list could go on and on
But mostly I am grateful to her.  For loving me the way that she does, for loving all of my family the way that she does and for showing me how to walk with Jesus.  I love her because I saw her day after day growing up sit with Jesus, reading His word, doing her bible study and talking to Him.  She taught me how to love Jesus.

Love you Mama B!  There is no other person I would rather share a Birthday with!

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