Friday, February 1, 2013


The superbowl is coming up!  Who are you pulling for?
Did I ever tell you I went to the superbowl last year?

yeah whoopsy.  Welp I did.

Daddy B and I got the TRIP of a lifetime to go to the Superbowl last year in Indiana.

Not only was it the superbowl- but the whole trip was the trip of a lifetime.

Here are some highlights.
Night 1- we got to go inside the stadium to watch Madonna rehearse the ENTIRE halftime show.  She is amazing!  She was so involved in the entire show- impressive!
We are Panthers fans so we had to take pics with the Panther things around :)!!

 Night 2-We went to the Indy 500 racetrack and got a tour of the entire building, food, drinks AND got to meet Troy Aikman and Michelle Beadle (ESPN anchor).
Day 3- We went downtown to all of the superbowl activities- basically walked around observed- all that good stuff.
Night 3- We went to the NFL VIP party- crazy!!  It was ice sculptures, chocolate covered strawberries (LOVE), andddd the Steven Tyler/Carrie Underwood concert, sitting in the VIP section!! WHATTT  it was crazy, I was amazed the entire night!

 Day 4- game day
I know you thought the trip couldn't have gotten any better.... but it did.  This day was the best.
We got a police escort to the game- whattttt.  And had this fabulous breakfast.  But then in walks.
wait for it..
notice the how I met your mother reference.... love that show
in walks.

Peyton Manning and Archie Manning
Favorite part.
They came and chatted and answered questions.
Very casual, very neat.
Then we got our picture taken with them.

LOOOOKKK how tall he is!!
THEN- we went to the NFL Tailgate- got some more yummy food.  Saw the Frey, Lenny Kravitz , JIMMY FALLON- love him and saw celebs walking around.  

 THENNNN... we went to the game.  We walk in and we are on the bottom section 40 yard line... dad and I are seriously amazed.  Jaws dropped.  Crazy.  WHATTTT.. thats all I said the whole trip.  Seriously.
The game was amazing.  Not only a great game- but the Giants won!!!.

Me and Daddy B..... love this pic!

Needless to say it was an amazing trip.  I felt so blessed to get to go to the superbowl but also to get to go with Daddy B.  I had the trip of a lifetime andddd got some great memories with my Dad!  I loved getting to go and I loved even more to go with my Dad!

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